Allergeni Free

For some time now, BIOTEC has also been promoting a range of products for food intolerances, GLUTEN FREE and LACTOSE FREE., Given, among other things, the enormous exponential growth of consumers sensitive to allergens. Through a blend of Aspergillus Niger containing a specific enzymatic activity of Endopeptidase we have created TOLLERANCE to produce gluten-free beers. TOLLERANCE is able to degrade gluten in about 20 days thus reaching the tolerability threshold of 10ppm.

But BIOTEC has also put on the market FREE LACT purified and isolated lactase preparations, deriving from a special strain of the lactic yeast Saccharomyces marxianus (Kluyveromyces), variety lactis. Thanks to the action of the product on milk, it is possible to reach a level of lactose not exceeding 0.001, or an extraordinary minimal dose, compared to similar products.

In the bakery sector we have introduced a wide range of gluten-free products. First of all SUPER PAN GF, an enzymatic activity to make the breads produced for those intolerant to gluten softer. To this we add the Gluten Free flours for breads and confectionery products, vegetable fibers with a coloring action and yeast extracts with a flavoring action.