Enzymatic formulations for a contribution to the brewing industry

For many historians, the production of beer predates that of wine. In the 1970s it developed in the U.S.A. the concept of “ARTISAN BEER” or “RAW BEER”, or beers with very intense organoleptic characteristics with the aim of quality and the search for particular aromas. The development of the craft beer sector has seen a notable increase in recent years.

birre e malti

Small and medium-sized producers who have acquired market segments are increasingly looking for natural adjuvants to help the production processes of their beers. BIOTEC thanks to a wide range of enzymatic formulations, provides comprehensive answers to sector operators, identifying and solving their problems thanks to the contribution of enzymes. In addition to various products, BIOTEC also provides the TOLLERANCE for those companies that produce gluten-free beers.

"He was a wise man who invented beer"

Yeasts and nutrients for beer production

BIOTEC yeasts for micro and large breweries have the aim of helping operators in the sector to produce high quality beers as well as offering particular aromas. These are dry yeasts selected from the saccharomyces cerevisiae strain, ideal for the production of both light and dark beers. Their use generates various advantages ranging from the speeding up of the fermentation process, to the release of fresh and complex aromas and to the production of high fermentation beers.

birre e malti

We are, in fact, able to supply yeasts for the production of wheat beers, balanced and soft-tasting beers, English-style beers and beers with a fruity character. During the inoculation phase of the yeast, it is essential to use a nutrient or commonly called fermentation activator, which favors the growth of the yeast during the alcoholic fermentation phases. BIOTEC offers ATTIVA BEER which brings fresh and floral aromas.