Organic products

An alternative way for the future

Prodotti Biologici

Organic certified products multiply over time. In fact, more and more operators in the agro-food sector rely on the certification bodies responsible for issuing the organic mark. BIOTEC, as always, forerunner, offers the sector various certified BIO products, First of all the field agriculture sector. In fact, it is not possible to recommend BIO products for the transformation of agricultural products, if a communication campaign is not launched in support of natural fertilizers in order to replace the harmful pesticides in use today. In this regard BIOTEC has “fielded” innovative natural fertilizers to be adopted in the prevention and cultivation of fruit plants. However, we have already been present for several years in the oenological, confectionery and bakery sectors and natural fertilizers with authorized BIO products. Our primary goal is to proceed in this direction to achieve other goals in many other areas of the agri-food sector.