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when excellence is combined with wine

During the winemaking process, in order for the alcoholic fermentation to take place in the best possible way, the yeasts used need the right nourishment and the right protection and not finding it sufficient in the grapes, the oenologist needs to use activators and bioregulators, which they will bring all the essential nutritional elements for a correct alcoholic fermentation: Readily assimilable nitrogen – Thiamine or Vitamin B1 – yeast hulls; Furthermore, the presence of amino acids contained in them means that the yeast uses them as precursors of aromas. Therefore, the use of activators and bioregulators, in addition to improving the performance of the selected yeast, improves the organoleptic quality of the wine and the sensorial one by acting in synergy with the yeasts, the winemaking technique and last but not least with the choice of the oenologist in function to the project of the product he wants to obtain. The benefit that the active yeast cells derive from it translates into a rapid acclimatization to the osmotic and thermal conditions to the advantage of the final quality and fermentation safety. There is nourishing and nourishing in the immense world of wine products. BIOTEC, by choice of the company, has never used chemical activators. Our experiments, as well as the knowledge of the sector, have pushed us in proposing to customers, towards nutrients and bioregulators, with a high presence of natural yeast hulls.


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