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Clarifiers and Stabilizers

Clarifiers, Stabilizers and Vegetable Fibers

Unicellular microorganisms

Clarifying stabilizers and vegetable proteins innovation and taste In the BIOTEC range, stabilizers and clarifiers for every type of wine could not be missing. Clarification of wine is one of the best known and best known winemaking practices over time. It is said that the ancient Romans already made use of egg white to improve the flavor of wine. They are products in continuous evolution and innovation. For example, for years casein and albumin have been among the most used clarifiers in the wine sector. Today, due to the increase in allergenic diseases (an estimated 10/12% of allergic subjects in Italy), these products have been replaced with innovations that are harmless to the consumer’s health. BIOTEC, has introduced in the range, vegetable extracts from peas and potatoes that bring great benefits to red and white wines and are not a source of allergenic effects for final consumers.


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