Adjuvants for oenology and winemakinge

“By drinking, men improve and do good business, are happy and support friends”

(Aristofane 450 a.C. - 388 a.C.)

Many researchers, primarily historians and archaeologists, have dedicated part of their work to identifying how and when the first wine was produced.
It is known for sure that wine has very remote origins and it can be said that the cradle of grape cultivation and consequently of wine production was the Mediterranean basin, mainly by the Greek and Egyptian peoples as well as Romans. At the beginning of the Middle Ages the cultivation of the vine is said to have had an increase, especially thanks to the Benedictine and Cistercian friars who cultivated the vine with great care to obtain the wine to be consumed in the Eucharistic table.
As in ancient times and up to today, the consumption of wine is widespread, both as a real food and as a socializing drink.
Its evolution has undergone various changes over the centuries, in terms of production procedures, in order to adapt to the different local needs and to the changing tastes of the populations. Specifically, the term wine refers to the drink produced by fermentation of grape juice (must) and is classified according to the color, alcohol and sugar content, grape variety and type of fermentation as well as the organoleptic analysis that it requires specific competence and particular sensory aptitudes.
Some of the factors that determine the quality of the wine are the grapes used, the skills of the oenologist who guides the process of grape extraction up to the refinement, bottling and conservation of the wine, the choice of biotechnological products to be use. Since wine is a natural product, the biological phenomena that develop during the fermentation process must be adequately controlled. Therefore, adequate precautions in winemaking and fermentation practices become the key element of the whole process of producing fine and quality wines.

BIOTEC is the first and only Italian company to deal exclusively with biotechnological adjuvants for beverages and food.

Biotec, an Italian company that has been operating in the biotechnology sector since 1990, promoting its line of exclusively natural extraction products in oenology, wanted to pay homage, in the text cited above, to those peoples who, as we have seen, were the initiators of the cultivation of grapes and wine production.

The continuous evolution of wine production requires more and more valid supports in the different stages of winemaking, and biotechnologies, which are process aids for the food processing industry, are a perfect aid to the process and a valid alternative to the use of chemical products.

They support the oenologist during the grape transformation process until the finished product is reached, both for traditional wines and for organic wines.