The BIOTEC choice in favor of natural fertilizers

Natural fertilizers

An alternative way for the future

BIOTEC guides farmers towards responsible choices towards the environment around us. To increase the goodness of the products we feed on, it is necessary to provide our plants and soils with increasingly natural fertilizers. We have always been in this direction, we have imagined to provide our customers with natural and quality products. In fact, our line of bio-promoters and fertilizers goes exactly in this direction.

Therefore products were born as IMMUNO composed of yeast extracts and brown algae suitable for all types of plants and also certified BIO. But other technological and innovative solutions have been developed by the BIOTEC staff, in order to allow farmers to achieve different objectives including, a greater and uniform coloring of fruit and vegetables, a better vegetative growth of plants, an increase in the yield of fruits as well as products useful to counteract environmental stresses which, especially in recent years, have caused heavy losses of products due to a lack of prevention of the self-defense of the plants themselves