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"Work for the name then the name will work for you "

“When we built our company, the first idea was to replace chemical additives in drinks and food with ingredients from natural extraction. This is not because it was the fashion of that time, quite the opposite, but simply because we believed in it. Since then we have always followed our instincts and never once, in order to make a profit, have we placed products on the market that we were not convinced of. Our mission and that of consumers have been is and will be our mission. “

Maria Di Prato - CEO Biotec srl

Life sciences and biotechnology
WE have always been in this direction

Every day we offer our customers new solutions that guarantee food quality, environmental benefits and sustainability, all essential elements for an increasingly driving development of the life sciences. We at BIOTEC believe in it and have been working in this direction for 30 years

Noi di BIOTEC ci crediamo e da 30 anni lavoriamo in questa direzione.

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