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Breads and baked goods with natural ingredients

Breads and baked goods with natural ingredients

"Knead thinking that you feed your customers as if they were your own children"

Bread is one of the most consumed daily food in the world. Every day breads of all types are produced, with or without crumbs, soft, crunchy, loaf loafs, with olives or spices, with durum wheat flour and other flours, with cereals or gluten. In short, the world of bread making is as varied as it is sought after for its goodness. But in this sector a lot is to be done. The BIOTEC staff is constantly engaged in order to eliminate all those chemical additives and various improvers in the dough, to guide producers in the use of increasingly natural products and in line with the characteristics of the flours used. For example, PAN MIX by BIOTEC has been designed to make breads and rolls fluffy and soft, enhancing the amylases already present in flour in its content. Not only. Thanks to the convenient sachets of 20g each, there is no longer the problem of closing the bags of the various products used for these productions on a daily basis, as required by the health regulations in force. PAN MIX, used in combination with MULTIPURPOSE, enzymatic formulation of natural origin and specially designed to increase shelf life, forms a winning mix for the production of genuine breads with an ancient scent and taste.

"We put our heart and experience to offer you the alternative to chemical products"

Prodotti per Panificazione e Pasticceria

Dry yeasts for bakery products, natural enzymatic formulations, ad hoc protocols designed to reduce the costs of baking, vegetable proteins and other ingredients, are part of a varied range of products that we are able to offer to customers and which constitute a strong innovation. in the direction of the “clean label”.

Confectionery Industry

Apply "sweet innovation" to your products

BIOTEC has been supplying the confectionery sector for over 30 years through a conspicuous range of biotechnological ingredients totally in tune with biodiversity. Antioxidants, enzyme complexes, coloring vegetable extracts, pectins, freeze-dried fruit, natural fibers, starches modified with the help of enzymes, all products dedicated exclusively to the processing of the world of sweets. The experience gained over all these years allows us to suggest to our customers the best application for their productions. We are present in the chocolate and wafer industry, jams and candies, ice cream and liqueurs, cones and creams, as well as in all those areas where the application of our products becomes crucial. We can also provide you with customized process protocols for solving problems encountered during processing, all in compliance with sustainability, sanitation and food safety standards. The world of sweets is one of the most important and most widespread sectors in the world, which is why BIOTEC works closely with the producers of the sector in order to spread the concept of authenticity and “clean label” for well-being in an increasingly important way. of final consumers.

Prodotti per Panificazione e Pasticceria

Fruit Extracts

Useful for Bakery and Confectionery

Mela in polvere

Apple powder Concentrated and dried apple juice powder with glucose

Lampone liofilizzato

Freeze-dried raspberry Freeze-dried fruit powder without any additives for confectionery,

Vegetable Dyes

Useful for Bakery and Confectionery