BIOTEC, for several years, has acquired the property and buildings of BCAPSULE, one of the most important manufacturers of locking systems for wines, oils, spirits and mineral waters based in San Basile Cosenza. This acquisition was strongly desired by the BIOTEC property, in order to more easily serve customers not only in the center-south, but also abroad. In fact, thanks to the proximity to the port of Gioia Tauro, important supplies are sent by container by sea and reach large areas of Central and Latin America in a reasonably short time. The preparation and storage of biotechnological adjuvants takes place at this plant according to the compliance regulations of both the EU and the Member State.

In this location, in order to keep the staff coming from BCAPSULE, the owner wanted to continue the production of the capsules. In this regard, the BIOTEC research and development division is evaluating the introduction of new raw materials to replace the current PVC materials. This is in order to impose attention to the environment and its protection in this area as well. We are currently able to produce capsules with a diameter of 30 to 36 for a maximum height of 60mm. We can supply any type of print and color requested by customers, as well as carry out processing with special and relief prints.


Square Pio XI, 13, 00165 Roma RM