BIOTEC formulations

A great contribution to the juice industry

A significant contribution to the quality of the juices comes from the use of enzymatic adjuvants. The various applications of BIOTEC formulations cover the different processing stages thus responding to the needs of producers.

The BIOTEC formulations are used in maceration and clarification of the juice, as well as in the extraction of essential oils, in the processing of production waste, in the reduction of the viscosity contained in the pulp, in the pre-peeling processing of oranges and mandarins, in the increase in yields, in the depectinization of grape juices and very acidic red fruits, in the stabilization of color. All without altering the primary aromas of the fruits themselves.

lavorazione dei succhi

Together with the standard enzymatic formulations, BIOTEC is able to offer customers customized protocols aimed at solving the various problems that may arise during the manufacturing process.

Among the various international bodies, BIOTEC has collaborations in developing countries with FAO, in order to develop enzymatic formulations especially on tropical fruit transformed into juice.

lavorazione dei succhi