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Tannini "made in Italy" the technology that speaks Italian

Polyphenols are an essential component for the quality of wine, in fact they influence both the sensorial and stabilization qualities of the finished product, the polyphenolic molecules will in fact determine the taste, astringency and color of the wine. They originate mainly from grapes during maceration and fermentation, but the quantities inherent in the grapes are not always sufficient, so the use of oenological tannins in winemaking compensates for this scarce presence. Oenological tannins are among the food adjuvants that can be used in winemaking, without being declared on the label and are products containing at least 65% of tannic acid. They are extracted from botanical raw materials of different species, from Vitis vinfera grapes (seeds and skins), quebracho, oaks, mimosa, chestnut, galls, preparations of exotic wood etc. The main purpose of tannins is to eliminate potentially unstable protein fractions, however they can also change some organoleptic properties of wine such as color, structure, astringency and bitterness, making the product qualitatively better. So summarizing the tannins play a fundamental role in the wine for the characteristics and shelf life of the finished product. In recent years Biotec has paid particular attention to tannins, introducing a wide range of products that we believe can satisfy many of the oenologist’s needs, but we are always in constant evolution. In our TAN line, you will find many answers to various needs, from simple chestnut tannins to low-dose tannins / Hl and of the highest quality.


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