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For over 30 years only natural ingredients

BIOTEC was born in the 90s from an idea of ​​Maria Di Prato and with the help of two other extraordinary women. These were difficult years for US, not only due to the fact of being women in a context predominantly characterized by the presence of men, but above all because the customers were oriented towards the use of many chemical additives in the production processes. In fact, talking about natural adjuvants at that time was not easy, but with the tenacity and expertise of expert biotechnologists, we were able to impose a new course in the processing of agro-food products.

The philosopher HERACLITO said:

"you must want the impossible for the impossible to happen"

The ownership of BIOTEC following this motto, has never given up, has worked hard, day after day, to introduce the most natural solutions possible in the food and beverage production processes. A mission first of all, which makes us happy when we see the satisfied eyes of our customers. But the path to ever more sustainable development is still long, not for us but for those who still cannot see that naturalizing our agricultural land and the environment improves not only our neighbor but also ourselves.

Our team:


Maria Di Prato

CEO Biotec


Pina Oliveto

head of the beverage / food division


Giuseppe Rizzo

production manager of the San Basile office


Marina Visintin

in charge of the staff at our offices in Roma


Giuseppe Bellizzi

logistics coordinator at the production plant


Antonio Falduto

administrative manager

But the successes of BIOTEC and its ownership represent the success of a team that has been cohesive for decades from production to marketing. In fact, it is not easy to find companies, such as BIOTEC, which from its inception until today has always kept the same employees, who represent the hard core and accompany the new arrivals of staff by transferring their experience and wisdom.

WE got here thanks to the work and synergies with our beloved customers. Without the latter appreciating our work, we would be nobody. We have done so much and we still want to do so much, but always in the direction of the well-being of collaborators, customers and end consumers.



Rome 2019 Campidoglio

Gold medal to Maria Di Prato
as an entrepreneur of the year 2019.


Entrepreneurship Award

Maria Di Prato – Entrepreneurship Award
Silvana Giacobini – Journalism Award